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Stephanie is offering such a well-needed service at Wardrobe Angel where busy women like me can get our clothes sorted out in a way we never have time for, and actually get rid of what we don’t need in a way that will bring us an income. Lynne Franks (PR Guru)

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Is your wardrobe out of control? Unsure what suits you? Can’t decide what to wear in a morning? Always shopping but never have the right item? Then it’s time to call in the skills of The Wardrobe Angel.

The Wardrobe Angel has already worked her magic on hundreds of women; women who are overwhelmed with the amount of clothes they own, women who have been promoted, women who have retired who are ready for their next step and need a wardrobe to match, women who have had a baby and want a post-pregnancy revamp, women who have reached a milestone birthday. Whoever they are, they are left feeling stylish, inspired and organised. By decluttering your wardrobe , styling your clothes and identifying what suits your body shape, The Wardrobe Angel will make your clothes work for you.

So regain control of your wardrobe, contact The Wardrobe Angel today.

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I felt uninspired by clothes, nothing looked good on me and the clothes I had didn’t reflect the way I felt inside.  During the session I enjoyed trying on all the new clothes and finding my style, you made me feel at ease and got me pretty quickly. You made me feel like I could own this new wardrobe and empowered me in a way I’d never felt before! Now I feel less stressed in a morning I just look at my pictures of the outfits you created and make my choice. People at the office have noticed the change: I feel more productive at work and I can kick ass more in some meetings having the strong look I needed. My wardrobe finally reflects my position in the company.
I felt nervous before I met Stephanie as I have never had anyone look at my wardrobe! But now I love my new wardrobe I can’t wait to do this again soon! Thanks for all your help.

32 from Haworth